Case Studies

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Case Study

Diageo Smithwicks | Spotify


Diageo wanted to drive awareness of Smithwicks and position it as the mid-week drink of choice.


  • Run the Spotify Headliner format for the first two Wednesdays of the campaign.
  • Combine this with an always-on display and audio approach.
  • Initiate ‘Send me a Sample’ technology to enable users to taste the product.


Use of the Headliner format ensured maximum visibility and reach on the first two Wednesdays of the campaign. This developed a firm association between Smithwicks and the mid-week moment.

The mid-week Headliner, combined with always-on audio and display approach, ensured high reach and drove redemptions for an industry first.

With pubs and bars closed during 2020, Digitize provided an innovative solution for testing the product in the comfort of the home, via voice assistant technology.


  • This campaign saw extremely robust engagement with some formats receiving over four times our usual Click-Through Rates, and all other formats performing over the usual industry benchmarks.
  • The Headliner formats ensured maximum reach with high impact for the brand’s association with the mid-week moment.
  • The always-on approach correctly educated users on how to redeem their free sample.
  • The campaign was shared and talked about on social media platforms as and when users received their product sample in the post, thereby further driving brand awareness.

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