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Adsure is our independent trading desk that specialises in direct response campaigns via a hyper-contextual model.

What is Adsure?

Adsure is a unique programmatic advertising network in that we use only hyper-contextual data (that is, we read the page to determine both content and tone) to reach our audience. Instead of dropping cookies and tracking the behaviour of the online user, we use the webpage’s content to determine the audience. Our ads, therefore, are served on ‘best-fit’ webpages without having privacy concerns. As a result, Adsure is one of the few fully GDPR compliant ad networks in the market.

Unlike standard contextual models, this process identifies and analyses the tone of the content, and subsequently determines whether the attitude towards a topic holds a positive, neutral or negative opinion. This results in a far more intuitive ad matching.

Demographic Targeting. Key Segments

  • 98% internet users reached in Ireland
  • 300+ Pre-built semantic categories
  • Unlimited Custom categories
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Why choose Adsure?

Since moving from a behavioural to a hyper-contextual model in 2018, we have gained year-on-year increases to the overall results of our campaigns. In 2020 for example, our existing clients experienced a 42% lift in conversion rates over 2019.

To capture each user’s intentions when browsing the web, our hyper-contextual model uses responsive and sentiment targeting to separate the webpage’s positive and negative keywords. By doing this, we achieve a much better understanding of the authentic relationship between the words. In response, your brand’s message will only be delivered to users (and websites) that have a suitable and positive attitude towards your brand, topic or industry.

Alongside creating a superior contextual analysis, such a method ensures brand safety. This means your advertisement can discover new channels, increase coverage and improve the overall performance of your campaign, while remaining on appropriate webpages.


Some Noteable Features

  • Custom Brand-Specific Targeting: Alongside a large list of pre-built semantic and specialty categories, we shape custom segments and personas specific to your campaign. This results in delivering on content that relates only to your ad.
  • Verified Quality: Using our partner’s pre-bid solutions we can identify the content and the tone before offering a bid.
  • Complete Visibility: Monitor your campaign’s performance with daily automated reports, personalised with the metrics that are important to you.
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Adsure Specs

To get the latest Adsure specs, download here.

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