Digitize New Media is a market leading Digital Advertising Company, specializing in Video on Demand (Vod), Digital Audio Advertising, Premium Display & Performance advertising campaigns.

We have exclusive partnerships with some of the webs most innovative advertising platforms including Channel 4's All 4, Spotify & Ziff Davis, and in addition we have developed out own products such market leading performance network, Adsure.

Who We Are

Digitize New Media was established in Dublin in 2008 just before the economic crash of that year. Being born out of recession we learned quickly to run a business based on agility & innovation. In the decade that has passed we've continuously reinvented ourselves and listened carefully to the market to pre-empt trends and demands.

  • We developed first the first Irish performance network, AdSure
  • We were first Irish entity to join IASH, the UK based standards body for performance networks
  • We built both display & video Trading desks for Agency partners
  • We launched Spotify in Ireland in 2013, as Spotify's first ever regional partner, and to date one of its most successful
  • We successfully re-launched AdSure as a Hyper-contextual platform post GDPR in 2018

Ronan O'Loughlin, Sales Director, has 18 years experience in the advertising industry, half of which was spent in agencies such as CDP & Carat. Ronan manages all the commercial aspects of Digitize. Twitter: @ronanol - LinkedIn: ronanoloughlin - Skype: Ronanol

John Patten is a seasoned Media professional with a background in Print and TV. He's an active member of TV and Internet industry bodies, and he's also MD of Medialink, the TV Ad Sales Company.

Our Work

A selection of advertisers who have recently advertised with us


Digitize has a wide range of VoD opportunities delivering quality content for broad or niche audiences. Channel 4's All 4 is one of largest catch up players in the market with the most extensive collection of over 30 years of quality content.


All 4 is the global leading Video player of Channel 4. The archive contains in excess of 10,000 hours of content, most of which is unique to Channel 4. This includes box sets of Channel 4 classics like Father ted, The Inbetweeners & Teachers, and the World Dramas under the 'Walter Presents' series.

All 4 Targeting

All 4 is available on desktop, Android and iOS platforms and will soon have Sky Set top Box and Smart TV availability (Due by Jan 2019)

All 4 - Ad Enhancements

All 4 offers a suite of innovative Ad formats which bring Vod campaigns to life and allow deeper engagement and interaction between brands and customers.


Spotify is the best music streaming service on the planet. It's a brilliant, all-inclusive music platform that lets users listen to all the music they love and to explore new music.

Users build their own music libraries within Spotify and can share all their favourite bands, albums, singles and songs. They are doing something they love and that's listening to the music. This offers Advertisers a unique and powerful environment in which to engage with their audience.


As music has becomes more interactive, Spotify has stood out as the key platform for streaming.

Our success is based on delivering the best possible product. We give the power to choose to listeners. They can personalise their music experience - ensuring positive associations with the platform.

Spotify allows users to listen free or subscribe to Spotify Premium. Every time users fire up Spotify, we'll suggest some great music for them right there and then. Whatever they're doing or feeling, we'll find playlists to match that mood. Users can listen to their favourite artists, check out new releases, or play the songs that transport them back in time.

Our audience are extremely engaged. The average user spends 148 mins per day listening to Spotify. That listening happens across multiple devices, allowing brands to own that conversation across multiple touchpoints. They're always on – they want music from morning to night, and they're keen to share their music with others. 2/3 of that sharing extends beyond Spotify, spreading out into social networks.

For an up to date ratecard please mail us on spotifytraffic@digitize.ie



AdSure is our market leading display performance product.

In response to the General Data Protection Regulation, we have transformed AdSure into a 'Hyper-Contextual' platform, replacing our previous reliance on Behavioural & Retargeting techniques.

We see this as an enormous opportunity in the market for all our customers. Hyper-contextual is driven by semantic and environmental data and insights are powered by AI & data visualisation.

Please email us for a demo.

GDPR Compliance:

We rely on the Legitimate Interest as a legal basis for processing Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. Frequency capping: To allow us to cap the number of impressions a single user is exposed to.
  2. Anti-fraud tools: to help detect irregular activity such as bot traffic.
  3. Conversion tracking: To allow us to track the impressions that deliver conversions and to exclude users who have already completed a conversion.

To receive a more detailed version of the LIA, please mail us here.

The Personal Data is not PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and takes the form of a pseudonymised Unique User ID.

See our privacy policy page.

Legitimate Interest Assessment (Balance Test)


Deliver effective CPM & CPC campaigns on thousands of Smartphone Apps & Mobile Sites through our mobile network.


Digitize work with some of the biggest Mobile Advertising publishers and networks to offer Irish Advertisers access to the exploding smartphone audience. We offer both banner and rich media opportunities across several platforms. Currently we can deliver up to 500m impressions per month in Ireland and advertisers can target audience by Age, Gender, Location, Context, Network or Platform.


Cost per thousand, Cost per click or Cost per Download all available. Contact us for a quote.


Functionality includes Click to App Store, Click to iTunes, Click to Map, Click to Call, Click to Web.

Specs: (MMA & IAB std)

.gif, .png, .jpg for stills; Animated gif for animation

Publisher Services

Digitize provides comprehensive services to Publishers looking to monetise their inventory worldwide. Advertisers can harness the power of our multilayered approach to unlock the true value of their inventory.

Premium Representation (Ireland only)

Representing your property using our extensive contacts within Irish advertising agencies and buying points.

Programmatic Direct

Use our state of the art technology to sell your most valuable inventory at the highest CPMs at pre-agreed prices. Reduce your relevance in IOs and lessen the workload for your trafficking teams. Suitable for Tier 1 and Tier 2 inventory.


Harness the power of multiple demand sources connected to our RTB stack ensuring your unsold inventory is always sent to the highest paying advertiser with the highest fill rates. We monetise in 64 countries including all of Western Europe, The US, Canada, South America, Australia, Russia and much of Asia.


Digitize can provide expert consultancy and technical assistance on all aspects of publisher Ad trafficking. In certain instances we can provide an outsourced trafficking service where publishers can take advantage of our expertise in the area of Trafficking & Inventory Management.

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