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Channel Factory

Improving performance by connecting brands with the right audience on the right content on YouTube

What is Channel Factory?

Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform that maximizes both efficiency and contextual suitability, delivering increased performance for advertisers on YouTube. Channel Factory uses AI and proven best-practices to place video ads on Youtube. By categorizing 3.4 million creators and over 870 million videos, Channel Factory informs ad-placement decisioning and creates campaigns that are suitable, inclusive, contextually-relevant, and responsive to drive commercial advantage for brands. Their technology uses creator data, audio transcripts, performance data, and human review filters to deliver maximum brand suitability and enhanced contextual targeting capabilities for YouTube campaigns.

Channel Factory Stats

  • 3.4M channels analysed
  • 870M video’s re-categorized
  • 30% average increased performance
  • 15% average decreased media wastage
How it Works
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How brands can advertise on Channel Factory?

Channel Factory will work to guaranteed outcomes, managing a bespoke campaign built exclusively for your brand whilst delivering guaranteed CPMs. Brands can leverage YouTube’s full suite of advertising formats while taking advantage of Channel Factory’s own data and targeting capabilities on the platform. Outline your objectives and KPI’s and we will create custom solutions for your campaign.

Why Digitize

Publisher Offerings

  • Guaranteed CPV/CPM
  • Guaranteed safety and suitability
  • Real-time campaign optimization
  • Detailed insights and reporting
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Channel Factory Ad Specs

Contact us for specifications and formats.

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