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Case Study

Coca Cola – Fanta | Spotify


In 2020, Fanta wanted to build on their association with Halloween and encourage users to embrace the fun side of Halloween at home.



  • Create and record a bespoke audio ad to support the campaign’s message and drive association.
  • Create a Fanta Branded Profile on the platform with a Halloween playlist of songs best suited to the brand’s target audience and the campaign’s message.
  • Drive users to the playlist through a dynamic multi-format campaign.


We worked with Fanta on building the perfect Halloween party playlist that users could enjoy while they celebrated Halloween at home.

We targeted relevant users as they streamed content that was contextually relevant to the campaign’s message (that is, party playlists).

We helped create a unique Halloween playlist with content relevant to the campaign’s audience. Users were driven to the playlist with a multi-format approach.



  • The playlist had a high reach across both Premium and Free (ad served) users.
  • The Halloween playlist received over 16,000 streams.
  • The campaign delivered over 1.5 million impressions.
  • The bespoke audio ad delivered over double the expected clicks.
  • Through bespoke creatives, relevant targeting and a custom-made playlist, this campaign significantly strengthened the brand’s association with the entertaining side of Halloween.

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