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The world’s most trusted and high-quality international news brand.

What is

The BBC is the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster. Over half the global online audience watch or view the BBC on a monthly basis. delivers authentic journalism across all digital touch points. A truly global player with an increasing portfolio of local and regionalised sites that resonate deeply with audiences. reaches over 151 million unique browsers globally each month across PCs, tablets and mobile devices. In Ireland, receives 34 million page views, monthly. Two highly attractive audience segments significantly over-index across BBC platforms; Worldly Achievers and Culturally Curious.

Digitize works with advertisers and their agencies to help connect them with BBC’s curious and globally minded audience through advertising opportunities, bespoke branded content, and sponsorships.

From the latest immersive ad units to a suite of responsive display and video ads, mobile and app formats, and interactive pre-roll, BBC Advertising provides a stand-out visual tool kit to create powerful marketing solutions for brands across screens.

BBC Ireland Monthly Stats

  • 3.4M Unique Users on
  • 2.4M Unique Users on BBC News
  • 1M Unique Users on BBC Sports
  • 420K Video Views on BBC YT Channels
  • 325K Unique Listeners on BBC Podcasts
How it Works
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How Brands can advertise on BBC?

The BBC Global News digital portfolio covers a broad range of up-to-minute international news, in-depth analysis, and feature content.

Advertise on BBC homepage, BBC News, BBC Sport, BBC Worklife, BBC Culture, BBC Future, BBC Travel, BBC Weather, and on premium video destination BBC Reel, across PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Extend audiences and reach them through the BBC’s range of YouTube channels with 420k monthly video views in Ireland. A total of 13 Editorial Channels which include TopGear, BBC Earth and BBC Studios to name a few.

Listen without limits. 100’s of BBC produced award-winning podcasts are available commercially. The collection includes world class content under every theme imaginable, with new features produced by the minute, in the biggest-growing channel in media.
Advertisers can enjoy this premium inventory with vast targeting capabilities available.

Why Digitize

How Digitize works with BBC

  • Official Partner. BBC Global News appointed Digitize as Ireland Sales Partner in 2021.
  • Premium brand-safe placements. The BBC are committed to doing everything possible as a news publisher to ensure that advertisers are working within a brand safe environment.
  • Multiple ad solutions. Creative ad formats are important to keep your audience engaged. Choose from a variety of ad solutions for your Display, video, and audio campaigns.
  • Precision-targeted campaigns. Vast targeting solutions available for your Display, Video and Audio campaigns.
  • Quality campaign performance. From Reach to Conversion campaigns, we will share insights and learnings from your BBC campaigns.
  • Quick and easy buying solutions. Buy inventory programmatically through PMP and PG deals or set campaigns up directly with an IO buy.

Contact for more information.

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BBC Ad Specs

To get the latest BBC Ad Specs, download here.

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