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So you’re interested in advertising on Spotify, great choice!
Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service and Ireland’s largest audio platform. Digitize is the exclusive media sales partner for Spotify in Ireland since it launched in the market in 2013.
We are experts in Spotify advertising and make it easy for the 1 million+ Irish listeners to hear about your business.

Here are a few
benefits of advertising
on Spotify

LOGGED IN target your audience specifically based on age, gender, device, daypart, geo, and content

NON-INTRUSIVE ads are served in between breaks roughly every 15mins

UNCLUTTERED only 2-3 minutes of ads per hour which is up to 70% less than radio

UNSKIPPABLE ads during music breaks cannot be skipped

CLICKABLE companion image invites users to click through to your website for more information

ACCESSABLE Audio is everywhere, our listeners bring Spotify with them across several devices and moments

INSIGHTFUL complete post-campaign analysis helps you understand the audience

Contact our sales team to learn about the audience and discuss how you can cut through the noise with Spotify advertising. Fill in the contact sheet below or call 1800 844 442.


    Digitize | 1st Floor | SIXTYONE Thomas St | D08 W250
    Dublin 8, Ireland

    Tel: 1800 844 442

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