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Rakuten TV

A selection of premium content available for free thanks to carefully-selected advertising partners.

What is Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service, offering movies and TV series for free consumption, rental, and purchase. It is owned by the Japanese company Rakuten. Rakuten TV’s catalog includes content from studios around the world, including Warner Bros., Disney, and Sony Pictures, local distributors, and independent labels, being the smallest and least known service among its competitors.

Rakuten TV’s content can be streamed from most devices, offering a similar service to Netflix and other streaming services.

The company is headquartered in Barcelona and currently operates in sixteen countries around Europe; Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

Digitize is the exclusive provider of Rakuten’s VOD inventory in Ireland, providing a high-impact inventory for agencies to complement their media strategy by advertising pre-roll and mid-roll on Rakuten TV.

Rakuten TV Stats

  • 90%+ View Through Rate
  • 30″ Non-skippable & Audio Activated Ads
  • 97% Viewability Rate
  • 320%+ growth of the base YOY
  • 1.9B Minutes of Free Content
How it Works
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How Brands can advertise on Rakuten TV?

Engage with a cord cutting, family-orientated audience during their favorite moments. Launched in 2008, Rakuten TV is now part of Rakuten – the 6th largest internet services company in the world.

Rakuten TV combines a TVOD, SVOD and free VOD offering in 43 European countries.

Rakuten TV is the single point of access for a wide portfolio of premium movies, entertainment and news content to reach urban, educated young families and professionals.

With up to 80% of a campaign’s impressions being consumed by heavy and medium TV viewers, more efficient frequency management is required to maximize budget and avoid brand turmoil.

Rakuten TV is your Trusted CTV Partner offering:

  • Flexible buying and cost effective: Digital KPIs in a TV environment.
  • Brand Safe Environment: Non skippable, audio activated and full screen format.
  • Family & friends favourite entertainment platform: Premium movies and live channels for a lean back experience.
  • Unique Discoverability in the OTT market. Exclusive partnerships with the largest TV manufacturers.
  • Be at the center of the living room, on the biggest screen of the house: the TV.


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Rakuten TV Ad Specs

To get the latest specs for Rakuten TV CTV Ads, be in touch using the Contact button here.

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