Posted on June 24, 2014


Have you heard about the latest app to take over the world? Yo is simply the most basic form of communication there is. Yo is a mobile messaging app that lets you create a username, add your friends, send them a Yo and play an audio clip saying…you guessed it, Yo.

The idea for the app came when creator Or Arbel was asked by his boss to make an app that would allow him to contact his assistant without picking up a phone or composing a text. It’s basically a pager. His boss, Moshe Hogeg was obviously impressed and is responsible for the one million dollar investment that got Yo off the ground.

As of June 17th, there had been over 4 million Yo’s sent and it had 50,000 users. Last week Yo stormed its way to the top of the iOS App Chart in the US just one month after development. Arbel has plans to monetize Yo—“when your friend’s plane lands, Delta might want to Yo you. The Cheesecake Factory might want to Yo you when your table’s ready”.

You might think it sounds stupid but a few years ago who would think we’d use our mobile to ping a stranger close by to meet up or send a 6 second video or photo to someone? The teens of today will love this app, I used to always prank my parents or current squeeze when I had little or no credit on my phone. Now they can just send a simple Yo and get the call back, perfect! But what are the social rules around sending a Yo? Is it like a Facebook ‘poke’ or a Snapchat? Will it be used for late night conversation starters (wink, wink)? You just know the creepy guy from the office is going to send you a Yo and you’ll just have to laugh it off in an awkward meeting in the kitchen! I think I’ll be limiting my Yo to friends I want to catch up with and/or have a little giggle with, like the Budweiser Wassup ad from years ago. That took months to get old!

Yo is yet another social app to join my ever growing club and like the others I’ll need it to evolve with new features to keep my interest. Just like the others too, it really depends on how many of my friends start using it. I never thought I would use Snapchat but here I am sending and receiving on a daily basis. I’m excited to see if Yo takes off in Ireland and how it evolves, if its anything like the US, watch this space. Until next time………..YO!

Carole O’Dwyer, YO Pusher

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