What made Spotify headlines this month!

Posted on June 30, 2017


By now you should all have received your latest edition of the Spotify newsletter.  If you haven’t please drop angelina@digitize a mail to be included in the next mail out.

So this month it is no surprise that Despacito was the top song streamed in Ireland this month! Has anybody got tired of it yet…..didn’t think so! 🙂

Spotify also reached a mammoth 140 million users, which can only testify to the increase in the power of streaming and how more and more people are enjoying Spotify.

Taylor Swift showed us that there was no bad blood with her and Spotify and made her return this month, helping Katy Perry celebrate her new album release 😉

As I type this, exam season is well and truly over.  Although it might not seem like it with this weather, the summer holidays have well and truly begun! We have some interesting insights to those who used the focus playlists to help retain all their study notes.

If you would like some unique insights to any particular genre/group/playlist/gender feel free to reach out to us, some of you have already and are in the middle of building really strong targeted campaigns.

I have also included an interesting article stating that Spotify ads are 25% more effective.

 “For every thousand impressions we ran, we created 24 dollars of revenue. The Nielsen benchmark is $19.64,” said Jeff Rossi, head of industry, CPG, at Spotify.

It is clear the large strides that are being made by Spotify and June was a big month for that!  I wonder what July will bring!? 🙂

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