40 is the new 30!

Posted on May 23, 2017


We are delighted to announce that we can now accept 40″ audio ads on Spotify.

This option is available immediately in Ireland following successful tests in other markets.

Let us remind everyone of the 13 Reasons Why Spotify Audio is just so great!

  • Targeted– 100% targeting ability by age, gender, time, day, geo, platform and music preference
  • Logged in– all our users are logged in and verified
  • Proven reach– TNS IE research carried out in Nov/Dec confirm our (Free platform) weekly all adults reach at 20%, 34% 15-24s!
  • Incremental reach– on average 14% incremental all adults weekly reach added to your radio schedule
  • Clutter free– solus ad breaks and 75% less ads than radio
  • Interactive– clickable companion image allows you to click straight to site
  • Engaged users– 1 in 2 streams are user initiated
  • Completion rates– impression is served at the end of the audio, you’re only charged for complete listens
  • Active sessions– we only serve ads when the user is listening
  • Plugged in users– 85% are listening via headphones so you’re talking directly to them
  • Multi-platform– travel with our consumer as they move through their day and bring their phones with them
  • Consumer insights– our users are all logged in, gain access to demo insights from our streams
  • Time spent– on average users are streaming for 140 mins per day

Please contact us for more information on this option and the TNS research results which shows Ireland’s reach, incremental reach and consumer insights.

carol@digitize.ie / angelina@digitize.ie

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