2014 – reasons to be cheerful

Posted on November 25, 2013

There are 3 certainties in Digital Media: Death, Taxes, and complete disagreement as to what the future holds for the sector. Opinions are entrenched and their holders are not for turning: ‘The web is dead & Apps are the future’; ‘The brands with the most compelling content will win’; ‘The future is mobile’ (still!). The truth is that online is becoming as diverse and fragmented as offline media, and more so. RTB activity is exploding with Financial advertisers passing out Telecoms in 2013 as the biggest spenders in this area; so is Mobile, particularly for Search & Social functions; so are the areas of Content-led marketing & Native Advertising, which have been shamelessly promoted by publishers as they search for ways to effectively monetize their online content. There’s room for all of the above, and the demographic nature of Digital means that innovation and fresh-thinking will get rewarded.

In 2013, here at Digitize New Media we had a number of milestones: We launched Spotify in Ireland in February, which was the biggest event of the year in term of new Digital Advertising Platforms, but also in terms of new consumer content applications, doing for consumers in the field of music what Netflix did in 2012 in the area of TV & Movies.

A huge investment over the past few years in both proprietary & 3rd party data tools really paid off for our Independent RTB platform, AdSure, which grew by over 50% and became the RTB partner of choice for a host of new blue chip DR driven clients in the Financial & Utility sectors in particular.

Channel 4 continued to roll out innovations in both interactive Ad formats and in content distribution, and in 2014 will see the launch of several new innovations including demographic targeting, companion Apps & short form content.

In 2013 the biggest buzz words were ‘Native’ (basically a cool word for Advertorial), ‘Programmatic’, (Automated) and ‘Big Data’, (eh, loads of data?). Obviously Digital can bring these ideas and concepts to a level that other media cannot, and open endless opportunities for advertisers to engage with customers in so many creative ways. In 2014, buzzwords will emerge from the conference circuit like night follows day: how about ‘Smart data’, or even ‘Dark data’ – both of which relate to the use of data as opposed to the mere collection and storage of that data. And ‘Omnichannel’, which differs from multichannel in that it’s more about integrated customer interaction.

In 2014, in Digitize we expect to see continued strong growth for our RTB platform, new mobile offerings from both Channel 4 & Spotify, and further strides in the Vod market as take up of interactive formats and more granular targeting increases. All in all, I’m happy to say there are lots of reasons to be optimistic!

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