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Media partner for Microsoft and Xandr in Ireland offering advertising opportunities for Xbox, MSN and Outlook.

What is Microsoft?

Microsoft’s consumer properties, which include MSN, and Xbox, empower people, organisations and brands around the world to make invaluable connections with their target audiences across display, video, mobile and native advertising. Microsoft was one of the first publishers to go 100% programmatic across 50+ global markets.

Demographic Targeting. Key Segments

  • 500+ combined segmentations
  • All IAB formats available
  • 12 vertical channels
How it Works
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How Brands can advertise with Microsoft?

In partnership with Xandr and RTB House (a state-of-the-art marketing technology company), Microsoft evolved its programmatic online advertising strategy by finding new methods to increase seller outcomes across all of their brand-safe premium products.

At Digitize we offer access to all formats available in video and display for Xbox, and, and we engage a team of experts in programmatic media that can help to optimize your budget.

Why Digitize

How Digitize works with Microsoft

Since 2019, Digitize has offered the Irish market enhanced access to Microsoft’s programmatic inventory and traditional insertion order trading. In partnership with Xandr, we offer our clients access to Tier 1 inventory, 1st Party Behavioural Audiences and Vertical Channels at the very best rates available. Advertising on Microsoft properties through Digitize not only maximises your investment but also connects you with industry-leading local customer service and support.


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Microsoft Ad Specs

To get the latest Microsoft Display Specs, download here.

To get the latest Native Ad Specs, download here.

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